Destiny 2 Beta Begins Today


The release date for Bungie's popular space shooter is right around the corner. For those gamers who just can't wait however, you probably pre-ordered the game so you could get a Beta key. The closed Beta opens today exclusively for PS4 owners and tomorrow on Xbox One. It's not the first time Sony fans have had exclusive early access, but fear not Microsoft fan boys! You'll get your chance sooner than you know (you just won't get any of that exclusive PS4 content but that's besides the point.) If you didn't buy in early to get an access key, people on Reddit have found a workaround to get in on the action. Apparently all you have to do is make a new account and just set your home location as Hong Kong, Singapore or Japan. No telling how long this will work before it gets patched so get at it! If you haven't preordered, don't fret! There is an open beta this Thursday, the 20th. There are already reports of a login que and some gamers have had difficulty getting in already. So fingers crossed there won't be too many server issues!