The Standups is a Refreshing Approach to Standup Comedy


The Standups is a hilarious new show from Netflix that creatively turns comedy standup specials into a mini series. I love standup comedy but the production cost and the popularity needed to pack those stadiums can keep main stream audiences out of reach for lesser known comics. This results in an extensive library of comedy specials that tend to be centered around a handful of household names. The Standups gives 6 comedians their own 30 minute episode and a spotlight to show the world what they’ve got. The whole series is shot in one location over the course of a single evening which makes the whole production less expensive.

The full roster of comics from The Standups

The full roster of comics from The Standups

I personally loved Beth Stelling, Deon Cole and Dan Soder. All 6 episodes and comics were enjoyable but these three stood out the most to me. Beth has a very unique style of delivery and her content usually revolves around personal experiences and stories. This gives her jokes more meaning and substance especially when tackling issues like the TSA and Birth Control. Deon hits you right off the bat with an “i don’t give a shit” attitude that he follows up with a delightful set of dry, ironic, racial pop shots. These coupled with his mundane tone and pacing were really enjoyable. Dan Soder took me a few minutes to get into but I found common ground with his “adult gamer” persona and I was totally on board. Hopefully this format will be able to give standup performers everywhere a chance to break out and gain some new fans. I’m really looking forward to new material from all of these comics in the future and hopefully a second season of The Standups.