A New Trailer For the Live Action Full Metal Alchemist Movie Just Dropped


Full Metal Alchemist (and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood,) have been some of the most beloved anime series since the original was released in 2003. For about a year now we've been seeing some teasers about the new live action adaptation coming from Japan. Fumihiko Sori is directing this project and so far his adaptation looks pretty fun. Ryosuke Yamada will be playing Edward Elric and he'll be accomponied by his brother, Alphonse, a possessed suit of armor that'll be entirely CG.


The synopsis on IMDB seems to hold fairly true to the story of the Anime and Manga. The brothers will set off on a quest to find the Sorcerers Stone after an attempt to bring their mother back from the dead goes horribly wrong. This tragic story is cherished by fans worldwide, so the studio has a lot riding on its success. Dragon Ball Z, Avatar The Last Airbender, and many other adaptations have been mishandled in the past so I'm staying cautiously optimistic of this release. Hopefully Japan can show Hollywood how it's done (except Ghost In The Shell. I thought it was good.) Full Metal is slated for an early December release in Japan so we'll have to sit tight a little longer in the US.