Animation Throwdown - Mobile Game Review


This game from Kongregate is a delightful combination of everyone's favorite animated TV show characters and they're all mashed together in a battle for greatness. All your favorite characters from Bob's Burgers, Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad, and King of the Hill are accounted for in card form. Each character card can be combined with a huge amount of other cards to create stronger characters and power ups. The resulting card becomes more powerful or adds cool abilities like additional damage or defense. This collection based model gives you a good reason to keep picking this game up. Imagine what might happen if you mix Peter Griffin and booze? Or what if you combine with Zoidberg a cute teddy bear? Each card has health, damage, level and special abilities bringing some strategy into the mix. Choose your favorite of the five crazy crews for your starter deck to kick off the fun! The card game itself plays fast and fun. It combines a good amount of challenge and luck. This is a game I have come back to multiple times. It's available on IOS and Android and you should give it a try!