Wonder Woman - Spoiler Free Review


Four words. GO SEE THIS MOVIE! Gal Gadot was born to play this role. Patty Jenkins directed, what I think, is one of the best D.C. Movies to date. She managed to create an amazing origins story, a war film and a super hero action movie that is sure to please fans and newcomers alike. Chris Pine, Robin Wright and the rest of the casting was terrific and delivered some great performances.


It's already Grossed over 100 million domestically and over 200 million globally in its opening weekend. It's the first major film featuring a female super hero and the biggest opening for a female director of all time. Fingers crossed that this success carries over to Justice League and the rest of the D.C. projects we're waiting for. Hopefully it'll be in theaters for a while so do yourself a favor and and go see Wonder Woman.