T.J. Miller's reasoning for Silicon Valley exit


T.J. Miller on his exit from Silicon Valley came as much a shock to us as anyone. But what’s more, it was a bit unclear as to why he was leaving until just yesterday when he shared his reasoning with Entertainment Weekly. To put it simply, he feels a strong passion for pursuing his career in comedy such as developing his stand-up, exploring further ideas with his character driven talk show Goreburger and basically getting his hands into other pots and trying new things. While he is sad to be leaving the show and appreciated his time and relationships there, he’s positive his character won’t be returning. This sentiment was echoed clearly when he stated:

"I think for something to come to an organic end, even if it’s before the public wants it to happen, is so much better. Leave them wanting more. There was one adage that’s never wrong. In comedy, you walk off-stage when the laughs are at their peak, and people go, “Wait, what? The show’s over? It’s just over like that?” You leave them wanting more because you don’t ever want them to wish that there had been less…."

Leaving the show would free up time for touring, writing and developing new ideas and relieving scheduling conflicts he may have with future projects such as umm the Emoji movie.. I guess, because, you know premiers and promo tours… I for one am looking forward to Deadpool 2, How to Train Your Dragon 3 and his upcoming HBO special Meticulously Ridiculous, which premiers this month (June) on the 17th. 

This seasons finale of Silicon Valley will be the last we see of Miller’s appearance as Erlich Bachman, so how do you feel about him leaving the show?