The Man, The Myth, the Daniel Day-Lewis is Retiring

Daniel Day-Lewis Gangs of New York

The first actor to quit the biz ever?? Probably not, but will it have a profound effect on the industry as a whole? Maybe not too much seeing as Daniel Day Lewis is known for only taking in roles of his choosing (similar to Viggo Mortensen) taking very long breaks between roles. Also, I was unaware but apparently he's 60 now, so maybe retirement shouldn't come to us as a big a shock. The actors agent came out recently stating Day Lewis' retirement but the only reason given was that it was for personal reasons.

Does this make it any less of a bummer? Definitely not. Being the only actor to have ever won 3 academy awards definitely says something about his craft. The man is a legend and has played some of the most memorable roles in film for the past two decades, some of which being our absolute favorites. Seriously, if you haven't witnessed his authentic character portrayals of the butcher in Gangs of New York or Daniel Plainview in There Will be Blood, I suggest adding those to as high priority for the next movies you watch at home. 

Daniel Day Lewis Movies

Apparently he's got one more film left that's coming out this year thankfully, a period piece called Phantom Thread, in collaboration with the man behind the aforementioned There Will be Blood (Paul Thomas Anderson) and a slew of other great movies and I'm sure this will be no exception. I can't really sell the premise of said upcoming film but knowing the directors work on films like Boogie Nights, The Master and Inherent Vice, this probably won't be exactly what you'd expect from reading the description. I'm sure we will be privy to some brilliant nuanced performances, beautiful cinematography and an unconventionally intriguing score from other long time collaborator/ Radiohead guitarist Johnny Greenwood. 

It's kind of sad to hear that such a great talent will no longer be appearing in such iconic roles but as a human having done it for this long and being as old as he is, I can't blame him. He deserves it. We're just glad we get one more before he goes! What are some of your favorite films he's stared in and what other iconic roles at his age could he have possibly played?