Was It Good: Master of None S2

Master of None Season 2

If you're anything like us or any of the other millions of Netflix subscribers, you've been waiting for Master of None S2 for what seems like forever now. If not, I suggest you start watching. I watched the entirety of season one in just a weekend, which isn't too uncommon these days for most. With this second season I ended up watching all of it in just one day. Clocking in at about five and a half hours of laughs, feels and sharp writing, season two picks up where the last one left our main guy Dev heartbroken and in need of some soul searching We last saw him heading out to Italy in pursuit of pasta making and a break from his normal life.

There's so much to like about this show and the second season is just a step up from the first. The always hilarious Asiz Ansari seems to play a parallel version of himself on screen. I don't want to give too much away but here the show finds comedic range with Aziz's characters situational humor from speaking Italian for most of the first episode, hosting a cupcake show in another, experiences with awkward Tinder dates and interacting with guest stars as well as reoccurring cast such as Eric Warerheim as his best friend.

What's great about this show is the nuance. It manages be real and quite funny at the same time but doesn't have to go over the top with any joke to the point of obvious absurdity. It also takes a swing at some common social struggles in America such as being a religious/ethnic minority or being second generation to an immigrant family. I definitely feel like the humor is somewhat of an acquired taste and I didn't quite appreciate it as much when I first started watching especially this season it has a tendancy to meander just a bit, but if given the chance, it will grow on you with some of its more unexpected and unconventional episode formats and I assure you, you will find it as addicting as I did. 

So regardless if you are familiar with the writer/stars previous work on Parks and Rec, any casual viewer looking for something lighter and refreshing will get something from this show. Just don't be upset that I got you hooked when you get to the finale.