The Sony Live E3 Event and Announcements


When it comes to E3 events you can pretty much garuntee that Sony and Microsoft will put on quite a show. In the past they have had live orchestras and performers and this year Microst even unveiled a new, real life Porsche. This year Sony had some trapeze zombies and some fire but mostly focused on content. There was a lot to get excited about so here are the trailers for the games from the Sony event. 

Uncharted Lost Legacy -

Horizon Zero Dawn / The Frozen Wilds Expansion -

Days Gone -

Marvel V Capcom Infinite -

Monster Hunter -

Call Of Duty WW2 -

God of War - 

Detroit -

Spider Man -

and last but not least....

Shadow Of The Colossus -

There were also a ton of PSVR titles announced: Skyrim VR, Bravo Team, Star Child, The Inpatient, Final Fantsy XV - Monster of the Deep, and Mouse. 

they also announced some Destiny 2 Exclusives for PS4.