All the E3 2017 Announcements From Nintendo


Nintendo released the switch earlier this year and since then people have been wondering... where are the games? At launch Nintendo had Zelda Breath Of The Wild and a few indie titles but that was about it. E3 gave us a look at what switch owners can look forward to over the next year. 

Mario Odyssey release date -

Rocket League on Switch -

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 -

Kirby for the Switch -

Untitled Pokémon RPG on Switch - The Pokémon company announced today that a core Pokémon RPG will be coming to the Switch. 


Metroid Prime 4 - 

Yoshi on Switch -

Fire Emblem Warriors - 

And of course, Zelda Breath Of The Wild DLC -  

Oh yeah, and did we mention Skyrim is coming to the Switch?