Microsoft Announcements from E3 2017


Microsoft had a great show at E3 this year though the main takeaway was the unveiling of the price, specs, release date, and true name of project Xbox Scorpio or what we now know as the Xbox One X. The One X is a mid generation console release that looks to pack a huge punch. Capable of breath taking graphics and True 4K playability it'll really shape the way consoles are made from now on. Read all the One X specs here


Along with the One X, Microsofts next big announcement was that they are working to build on their backwards compatible library to now include original Xbox games. This addition is said to be coming later this year and we will hopefully see a slight improvement in the look of some of these games. 

Microsoft also announced several games which I'll list below. 

Anthem -  Bioware's new IP. 


Forza Motorsport 7 -    

Assassins Creed Origins -  

Black Desert Online -  

Crackdown 3 -  

Dragonball Fighter Z -  

Deep Rock Galactic -  

Ori and the Blind Forrest -  

The Last Night -  

Life is Strange Before the Storm

The Artful Escape -

 State of Decay 2 

Sea Of Thieves (delayed) - 

Minecraft - 4k update


There are also a number of smaller indie releases announced that will be coming as well. We encourage you to watch their entire presentation if you've got the time. 


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