Josh's Best of 2017


2017 was an excellent year for me. Kurtis put together a best and worst of 2017 because he hates everything but I tend to enjoy most. You may not agree with my list of positive things, but I don't care because it's my list. So here are a few of my highlights of 2017! You should also listen to our 2017 pod episode here

  • Super Hero Movies: Big shocker, super heroes are a love of mine and this year didn't have any major stinkers! There were a few excellent additions in Logan, Thor: Ragnarok, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Wonder Woman was above average, and Justice League wasn't as bad as I was expecting. 
  • Big Name Scary Movies: Get Out, IT, and Annabelle: Creation were all very successful scary movies that came out in 2017. There were other smaller horror films that I liked a ton but its always excellent to see big release scary films have success for future big release scary movies. 
  • Disney Purchasing Fox: This will open up the possibilities to expand the MCU and reboot some poorly executed super hero franchises under the brilliant mind of Kevin Feige. As someone who has been a fan of the recent X-Men movies, this will be an interesting transition but having Disney on board can only help. 
  • Disney Parks: In January, my wife and I went on our honeymoon to Disneyworld! This was a spectacular trip and our first time at Disneyworld. Of course, our usual trips to Disneyland and the expansion of their Marvel sections and the Guardians of the Galaxy ride. 
  • Mindhunter and True Crime: I love true crime and great television. Mash those together and you get Mindhunter. Mindhunter was one of my favorite parts of 2017, both in audiobook and TV show form. The fact that it's already been renewed and announced gets me excited for 2018. 
  • "Discovery" of D&D: I am newly obsessed with D&D. Although I've always been interested, it took my brother moving home to actually get me into it. Kurtis also got me into The Adventure Zone which is now one of my favorite podcasts. 
  • Speaking of Podcasts: This was a year of discovery apparently... I had listened to some of my favorite sports talk radio shows in podcast form but had never really dove into podcasts before this year. Now, I don't really listen to anything else. 
  • Speaking of Podcasts x2!: The establishment of this blog/podcast with my two buddies Clayton and Kurtis has not only been a ton of fun, but furthered our friendship. It's brought me out of my comfort zone and forced me to grow. 

2017 has been a wonderful year for me personally and in the world of Nerds. Hope everyone had a great year and 2018 is even better! 

Joshua Buckmaster