Gamers Angry After "Cool" Parents Hide Christmas Gifts In Random Loot Boxes


Christmas is supposed to be a time for family togetherness and joy. It's the one day a year that brothers and sisters, moms and dads, some cousins maybe, idk... your aunt... and your grandparents who might still be around... can all get together and act civil around each other for a few hours. Many gamers, however, awoke Christmas morning in 2017 to complete disappointment. Since Loot Boxes and Microtransactions were such a hot news topic this year, parents who were trying to be "woke" or "cool" inadvertently gave their kids a not so lit Christmas. Many gamers who shared their stories on social media said their parents just kinda set out a bucket of loose change and random junk from the couch cushions. This was the "in house currency" that the kids had to purchase with their real money in exchange for their Christmas presents. Apparently many parents even went as far as wrapping presents in different colored paper that signified the varied levels of value or rarity of the gifts inside. It didn't take long for the frustration of these gamers to hit social media, even tweeting out things like: 

christmas lootbox tweet.jpg
holiday loot box tweet.jpg

One kid said he spent over $100 on "in house" currency and only ended up with a few common fidget spinners. When he asked his parents what he was supposed to do with so many fidget spinners, they told him he could break them down into crafting parts to potentially upgrade some of his other gifts. The fact that the Loot Box and Micro Transaction epidemic has spilled over into holiday gift giving is unacceptable. Parents have since responded to the outrage and released a statement on their blog addressing kids concerns. 

loot box press release.png

Only time will tell wether or not this will be enough to appease the angry gamers Personally I think if the boxes just contained cosmetic items it would be an ok system. But many parents were advertising that the boxes contained social game-changer items like Best Buy gift cards, a Nintendo Switch, some Weezy shoes or Justin Bieber tickets. I read a story on Facebook about a girl who received a physical copy of Star Wars Battlefront 2. I can't even imagine the amount of holiday frustration that poor girl will have to endure once her game installs, updates, and then has to go through the entire Loot Box drama again just to enjoy the gift she got from a Loot Box in the first place. Fingers crossed that parents will follow through on their promises for next year. I wasn't able to get the Xbox One X that my mom said was in the higher tier crates but I'll just have to spend more next year.

This Article Is A Work Of Satire... So Far