6 Movies That Would Be Better With Santa


The Holiday movie selection isn't as great as it could be. Every year we get a hand full of Hallmark movies and a few dramas/comedies in the theaters. The movies we do get also seem to become less original every year. the studios all appear to be clueless to the plethora of great movies, which already exist,  that they could repurpose for the holidays. Here are six movies you could improve for the Holidays, just by adding a Santa. 

Die Hard Santa

Die Hard - This movie is already considered a Christmas Classic by many. Imagine, if you will Bruce Willis is replaced by Santa. He's gotta get all the presents back from the bad guys in time to deliver them on Christmas. Yippee Ki-Yay... and a happy new year!

The Expendables - These movies are a great nostalgia romp packed to the brim with everyone's favorite action heroes. If we take Santa, Frosty, Krampus, Rudolph, and all the other holiday classics, give them some machine guns and send them on a suicide mission to stop bad toy makers... that's an instant classic.  

Santa Alien

Alien - In space, no one can hear you scream. But does this movie have to be so scary all the time? We're replacing the Xenomorph with Kris Kringle in our franchise. The face huggers could also be restive gift boxes that wrap around people's heads, impregnating them with holiday joy.   

Last Action Hero Santa

The Last Action Hero -  This beloved classic opened the door for some amazing action/sci-fi adventures. With the golden ticket, Danny can jump into movies and interact with the different cinematic worlds. What if instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger, he befriends Santa Claus. Maybe the man with the glass eye has killed Rudolph and it's up to Danny and Santa to find and destroy him. There would also be like... cookies and candy and stuff. 

American werewolf in London North Pole

An American Werewolf in the North Pole - In this reimagined classic, we're focusing on the darker side of Santa. Every good force in the galaxy has an equal, opposing dark force. In this scenario, Santa is both. This is all because of that bite he received from that rabid Stranger on the subway. It's altered Santa somehow and he now transforms into Krampus every full moon. that's right, Santa and Krampus are the same guy. 

A Childs Play Christmas Special - We all know Chucky and the campy, classic horror movies he's responsible for. But what happens when that doll is the most popular request from children all around the world for Christmas. As Santa is close to finishing up his deliveries, one of the dolls on his sleigh suddenly comes to life an attacks him. Santa ain't no punk though so he shakes him and tosses the doll over the side. But how can he be sure the dolls he's delivered won't try to attack the kids? He'll have to visit every house again to destroy thes demonic dolls.  

So there you have it. Some reimagined classic movies that we've given the holiday treatment. Would you watch any of these? What movie could you improve for the holidays by adding Santa? Let us know in the comments.