John Leguizamo Is Back On Broadway With Latin History For Morons


2017 has been a fairly divisive year and we've seen many comedians swoop in to help curb the racial ignorance and divisiveness that has become somewhat mainstream in our culture. From edgy SNL Monologues to racially charged tweet storms, the comedy platform seems to be a comfortable delivery system for most Americans to ingest political issues with humor and satire. Latin American and Hispanic people in particular have come under fire due to the controversial political stances the current administration has been promoting.


The Border wall, job security, and many other issues have stirred certain groups of Americans into a frenzy, even inspiring chants and rally cries to remove these people from our white, Christian America. To help his people be better understood by the public, John Leguizamo has officially opened his broadway show, Latin History For Morons. His show aims to educate the American population on the importance and relevance of understanding the true history of these cultures that have far reaching ties with the United States. His show has been well received and if you happen to be in New York or are planning a trip there, you might want to look into getting some tickets to this show while it's around.