You'll Never Believe What This Stranger Things Actor Used To Do For Money!


Everyone knows Joe Keery as the bad boy/nerd hater, Steve Harrington, from the popular Netflix show, Stranger Things. But how well do we really know this man? If you catch Joe in interviews or an appearance on a late night tv show he might seem cool and funny and charismatic. But beneath that calm exterior and infamous hair lies a person that is much darker and deceitful than anyone could have thought. 


Before Joe was chosen for the role of Steve (making him America's new favorite, lovable bully-turned-guardian,) he could bee seen in odd jobs here and there. Like most actors trying to make a name for themselves, Joe would take any opportunity that was thrown his way regardless of the potential shame they could bring. He didn't go for the typical throw away roles in CSI or Law and Order however, he chose a more niche path. 


Joe Keery starred in a series of Wii U and Amiibo ommercials to promote one of the worst products Nintendo has ever created. The Wii U, as you might recall, was the failure of a sequel to one of the most successful video game consoles of all time. Now I know this news might come as a shock but it was a long time ago. He's allowed to make mistakes like rest of us and seems to be making an effort to steer away from such bad decisions at this point in his career. While the future projects listed on his IMDB don't seem too promising, we can all hope that his Netflix fame can help carry his transformative voice and hair to the Hollywood scene.