Justice League - Spoiler Free Review


From the highly debatable Batman vs Superman, to the mixed bag that was Suicide Squad, DC has had trouble getting its footing with fans and critics. Wonder Woman was their most successful by far and I think the Justice League crew understood that. The movie begins, as most super team movies do, with some relatively slow exposition and back story. They realized they haven't had 20 years to flush out all the origins story's like Marvel and they took the time to give you just enough content to be familiar with each character. Now if you aren't already caught up on who the Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman are, this could leave a little to be desired but it doesn't effect the movie overall. It would have been nice to get the Aquaman movie first though.


The Justice League movie, like the league itself, finds its strengths in the group. Batfleck was much more tolerable for me this time around but Ezra Miller (Flash) and Jason Momoa (Aqua) were the real winners.  However, DC still can't seem to make a solid villain for me to get excited about. So far we've had Enchantress, Viola Davis, Super Lupin (Ares) and now Steppenwolf (no not the band.) They've all been mass destruction oriented, CG spectacles with little weight. Though this seems to be the new norm even with Marvel, I miss the days of more developed, more grounded villains like Heath Lesger's Joker or Danny Davito's Penguin. I do understand that the league needs bigger villains to justify (haha) the gang getting together. The joker wouldn't really stand a chance against super man. Just maybe use real actors and give me some actual reasons to buy into the danger. And can we please ditch Jesse Eisenberg? Overall the Justice League was fun and shows that D.C. Is paying attention to fan concerns. Recent rumors of Jake Gyllenhaal have me worried about the future of this newly developing franchise (already) but we'll see how things play out. I'd give JL 7/10 Batflecks because it was really entertaining. Was it perfect? No. But it's a step in the right direction. "Oh but Kurtis you didn't talk about Henry Cavill or Superman." Nope and I won't be in this review. Sorry!