Thor RagnaROCKS - Spoiler Free Review


Imagine if you will, a superhero movie that doesn't take itself too seriously, has a great script, a great soundtrack, a fresh sense of humor, and really entertaining action. This is Thor Ragnarok. This movie fills in some gaps in the MCU timeline and addresses where Thor and Hulk were during Civil War. It took a bit to really find it's footing but once Jeff Goldblum and Korg appeared the movie took a hilarious turn and I was completely on board. I was a little annoyed that the trailers and marketing had ruined some of the big reveals but it didn't effect the movie over all. There were also some cameos I wasn't expecting and i'm pretty sure the entire theater turned to look at me when I exploded with laughter at one reveal in particular. I wasn't sure how the 80's aesthetic would fit the feel of the movie overall but they really nailed it. The set pieces on the Grand Master's planet were fantastic and had a more sophisticated "Earth Girls Are Easy" vibe. I also heard mixed things about Hulk's new ability to communicate since he was unable to talk in his last appearance but I didn't mind it. It made for some really hilarious interactions between him and the Lord of Thunder. This is my favorite Thor movie by far and definitely on of my favorite Marvel movies. If you were on the fence about seeing this movie I'd highly recommend it. If you are feeling over the superhero genre I'd still recommend Ragnarok. 10/10 Mjolnir's 

thor ragnarok.jpeg