Friday the 13th Haul

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Friday the 13th in October? When does that happen? Not since 11 years ago apparently, and to celebrate this rare occasion there's been quite the slew of releases and announcements for today. Here's what's been on our radar today. 

First off we saw the latest X-Men trailer drop which I honestly didn't even see coming. How is this related? Well, it looks like Marvel/Fox have their first horror-themed X-men movie in X-Men: New Mutants. I was so thrown off seeing the Marvel logo in front of a trailer chock full of haunting imagery and an all-around creepy atmosphere. Weirder still is you'd never guess this was directed by Josh Boone who you may know from um, The Fault in Our Stars? He seems to have a split interest in both romance and horror as his other credit's include some additional romance films and an upcoming adaption of Stephen King's The Stand. We'll be on the lookout for that one if New Mutants quality is any indication of his talent in the horror realm. See the trailer below featuring Anya Taylor Joy, Maisie Williams and Stranger Thing's Charlie Heaton, to name a few.

And speaking of Stranger Things, the final trailer Netflixed dropped on us today was nothing short of breathtaking featuring a pulsing synth score (as one would expect) and the editing quality of a big budget blockbuster film reminding us that it's never been clearer we are in a golden age of television. The promotion leading up season 2 has been on point with a series of posters which paid homage to the iconic horror posters from the last several decades.

Stranger things posters

Netflix's Friday the 13th celebration wasn't just limited to promotion as today we finally get the release of creator Joe Penhall's Mindhunter, in collaboration with David Fincher. We've mentioned it before here on the blog but this series, based in the 1970's, follows an FBI agent who tracks down serial killers and rapists, focusing on the psychological aspects of murder mysteries akin to Fincher's Zodiac and Seven.


In addition to Netflix, Amazon Prime has released their much anticipated short series Lore based off Aaron Mahnke's critically acclaimed podcast. The show and the podcast play like a scary stories series which examines historical events behind some of the most popular folklore known today. Lucky guy gets to be the narrator of this series as well, basically playing out like the podcast only with supplemental imagery and features re-enactments of the events which Aaron describes.

October is rife with some of the best releases of the year and this year is proving to be no exception. Horror soundtrack label Waxwork Records has dropped the vinyl release of Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (4th in the series and my personal favorite in the series) along with a set of 10 enamel pins designed with each film in the series in mind. You can pick up all the pins as well as choice of 2 variants of the Final Chapter soundtrack in their shop:


If you're looking for more swag to shop, check out Electric Zombie's latest line of Friday the 13th themed apparel. Limited edition Long sleeves, button-ups, and a variety of T-shirts, featuring killer designs from the iconic slasher series. Check out the shop here:


Honorable mentions include timed edition Friday the 13th shirts from:
Cavity Colors
And a Vorhees Christmas sweater from Mondotees


What's been on your radar for all things spooky this season? Let us know!