SNL, Avatar, Ryan Gosling and Blade Runner ish

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Saturday Night Live's 43rd season premiere aired night, hosted by Ryan Gosling who is currently promoting Blade Runner 2049. With bits ranging from the return of a character he's played before in an alien abduction skit with Kate McKinnen, a noir romance skit oddly featuring a chicken, and my favorite of the night, the Papyrus skit. If you know anything about how horrible the stock computer font Comic Sans is (this is related I swear) you will at least giggle as this short pokes fun of how the equally horrible font, Papyrus, was used for the title of James Cameron's 2009 film, Avatar.

I'm feeling like Avatar might have been brought into the spotlight for this thanks to 20th Century Fox's recent announcement that a group of children will be the new main cast of the upcoming 3 sequels planned to kick off starting in 2020 (as if the additional sequels coming over a decade later wasn't a lauded enough idea already). 

Avatar Kids

The skit, however, does not make mention of any of that, cleverly using Goslings more serious emoting over the silliest thing, showing signs of physiological trauma over the use of a simple yet terrible font choice. If you missed this episode of SNL, not to worry, as I said before this skit took the cake. The rest of the show was just fun to see more of Ryan Gosling have a hard time not breaking character. And speaking of Goslings emoting, Blade Runner 2049 will be dropping at the end of this week (Wednesday the 4th for all you early screeners) and we could not be more excited. Having just rewatched the final cut of the original Blade Runner over the weekend, I'm now even more interested to snag a ticket and see it as soon as possible. I can't imagine how this movie could be almost 3 hours long but knowing hot streak director Dennis Villanueve was in the directors' chair gives me confidence it won't disappoint (fingers crossed).